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Real Estate

Real Estate

Buying or selling a home, farm, or business will likely be the largest financial transaction you are ever involved in. The standard Wisconsin residential offer to purchase contract is a 10 page legal document, filled with fine print. The offer to purchase contracts for farms and for commercial property have even more provisions. Then there’s the real estate condition report, title insurance commitment, settlement statement, and deed.

With so much at stake, you need legal representation from the Kittelsen Law Firm. We can help you negotiate the sale price and other terms. We’ll go over all of the documents with you, and explain them to you so that you understand them. We will review, and if necessary, cure defects in the property’s title so that there aren’t any unpaid liens, taxes, or other matters that would prevent your enjoyment and use of the property. We will protect your interests all the way from the offer to purchase through closing.

Having the Kittelsen Law Firm represent you in your sale or purchase of real estate is a smart investment. Please contact us if you are buying or selling a home, farm, or business.

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