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Elder Law

Elder Law

As our population continues to grow older, it’s likely that someone you know will need the services of an experienced elder law attorney. We’re here to help. Our elder law attorneys are experts on the legal and financial issues that affect the elderly and disabled.

The legal services we offer include:


  • Financial planning for in-home or nursing home care
  • Medicaid planning
  • Gifting of assets
  • Asset protection
  • Medicaid litigation
  • Planning for a well spouse when the other spouse requires long term care
  • Will and trust planning
  • Planning for adult special needs children
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Powers of attorney and guardianship avoidance

Why Choose Us?

Expertise Across Specializations

Our law firm offers specialized legal expertise in various fields, ensuring informed and effective representation. Our attorneys are experienced and stay updated with legal developments to best serve your needs.

Personalized and Compassionate Service

We prioritize personalized attention, understanding each client’s unique situation to provide tailored legal strategies. Our approach emphasizes compassion and individualized support throughout the legal process.

Outstanding Results and Satisfaction

Our firm is known for its integrity, achieving significant outcomes for our clients. High satisfaction rates and positive feedback underscore our commitment to exceeding client expectations through exceptional legal service.