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Estate Planning and Trusts

Almost everyone needs an estate plan. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Avoiding intestacy. With a will or trust, you – and not the state - decides who receives your property after you die.
  • Providing for your children. With a will or trust you can select who would take care of your children upon your death. You can also protect your children’s inheritance.
  • Addressing special issues arising from second marriages or blended families. You may want to make provisions for your children as well as for your new spouse. Because of Wisconsin’s marital property laws, you may also need a marital property agreement.
  • Reducing or eliminating taxes. If you have assets that have appreciated in value, such as farmland or other real estate, advance planning is essential. With advance planning you can leave the maximum amount to your family and the minimum amount to the government.
  • Avoiding guardianship. With power of attorney documents, you can give other people the legal power to take care of your finances and your health care decisions if you can no longer do those things for yourself. Without power of attorney documents, it may become necessary for your family to go through the time, expense, and stress of courtroom guardianship proceedings for you.
  • Avoiding probate. With a revocable living trust plan, it is possible for you and your spouse to avoid the time and expense of probate altogether. A revocable living trust is a highly specialized form of estate planning that requires the attention to your wishes and attention to detail that our attorneys provide.

We work hard to make the estate planning process as easy as possible. With more than 50 years of experience, you can trust us to provide peace of mind and customized solutions.

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